Dandy came as a puppy to Shorewood Cocker Rescue from a shelter south of Chicago. His tale is a very sad one. Dandy was part of a litter of 7 puppies that were surrendered to the shelter literally matted together and covered with their own urine and feces. The shelter saw no hope for those wild, unsocialized dogs, and guessed that they had had very little, if any, prior contact with humans. They didn't think anyone would want to adopt them and were surprised when we agreed to take them on.

At first, Dandy would shake in terror whenever he was around people, but slowly after spending several weeks in the rescue and being exposed to people and other dogs, his fear diminishes. Dandy was the first pup of the litter to be adopted to his new "mom", Lynette.

Lynette describes Dandy as a playful, fun loving dog who is absolutely wonderful to be around. He loves to play ball, play with his beanie babies, or to hiking. Dandy is always happy, has been very easy to train, and recently graduated from the first level of Obedience. Dandy loves kids, butterfilies, and chasing squirrels. Dandy gets along with everyone and according to Lynette could even turn a non-dog person into a dog lover.

Freckles, Brody and Miles were adopted by Milwaukee and Madison area families during 2000 and just recently, families adopted the remaining two sibblings, Sparky and Charlie. They are all doing well. They finally all have the forever homes that they deserve.

Dandy was adopted in July. His new momma has this to say about him: Carole- I just wanted to give you an update on our baby, Dandy. He loves to ride on the pontoon boat and loves to play with the kids in the neighborhood, If they won't pet him, he will sit down and wait there staring at them until they do pet him. Even more than that, he loves to chase butterflies.