Domino was rescued by Shorewood at a garage sale. He was tied under a truck for over two years, never had a bath in his life. When he arrived at the Rescue, he had heartworms and skin problems. Rescue went through all the expenses involved to treat Domino because even though he had not known any love by humans before, he was very sweet and friendly to everyone.

Update from his forever home.

Domino is doing wonderful. We loved him the minute you left! He is exactly as you described him... great temperament and loves to be around people. To tell you how much a part of the family he already is, I just have to tell you that my Mom called yesterday to ask how her new grandchild is. She'd prefer a real baby, but said that a new Cocker will do for now. He is even doing the normal naughty stuff. We made hamburgers for dinner yesterday. When I was not looking, he edged up on the counter and grabbed the wrapper the meat was in. Part of that was my fault. I need to get used to having a dog in the house again. We also found that he thinks our cordless phone is a chewie. We have now moved that to high places. Thanks for everything all of you have done. We are happy to be such proud parent of what we can already tell is an amazing dog!