Freckles [ADOPTED AUGUST 25] is an eight month old, black/white/tan male who is neutered, heartworm tested, microchipped and up to date on shots. He came to us from a shelter south of Chicago. His tale is a sad one but we are attempting to change that. He did extemely well for grooming, I am sure his first. His apprehension of new people has diminished sharply. He has an undocked tail which he wags merrily most all of the time. He loves to go outside with me. He is completley crate trained and making progress on his housetraining. He gets along pretty well with other dogs and loves me to death. I can't believe this is the same puppy that came from the shelter only a month ago. He acts like he is in heaven here chasing butterfiles and sniffing out rabbit trails, but he has two long tailed siblings that I still need to begin working with. I began working with him first because he was the one most anxious to get to know me. Freckles has no contact with his littermates now, just me and the other housedogs. I am hoping for a wonderful home for this loving, happy boy with someone who has a bit of patience as he will be shy at first. Within a week or two he will treat you like you are the best master in the world. Freckles is a smart dog, he has learned so much in a short time, He knows he has a name now and comes when called. Is this puppy the one you have been waiting for?