Maggee is a four year old, buff/white female who is spayed, on heartworm preventative and up to date on shots. She came to us from a a vet clinic where she had been taken to be euthanized. The vet clinic staff saw no reason to do this as they had been her groomer and knew her to be sweet, smart and healthy. The people wanting to put her down said she had had some housetraing accidents and was especially bad during thunderstorms. Maggee has not been here long, but so far, so good. She is delightful and once her coat grows out she will look lovely again. She is crate trained, friendly, very good for grooming and good with other dogs as well as cats. She sits on command, shakes hands and is just a sweet Cocker.

Maggie found her forever home on a stormy day in August and her new family assured us that she was home to stay.