Benny [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 23] is a six year old, buff male who is missing one eye. He is neutered, heartworm tested and up to date on his shots. He came to us from a shelter in Portage and was picked up as a stray. I will not place Benny with children due to his apprehension of being groomed. He did not require muzzling for grooming, but I didn't clip him as well as I could have had I muzzled him as he was letting me know he did not want his throat clipped. He did not attempt to bite me however. Aside from grooming, his temperament has been very good. He loves to play ball and make friends very quickly with anyone who plays ball with him. He is a larger boned Cocker who may be a cross between an American and an English Cocker. He may even be an English Cocker. He has the longer narrower muzzle and is more field coated. He seems okay with other dogs. More information on Benny as we get to know him.