Brady [ADOPTED JULY 14] is a soon to be one year old, red/white roan. He is neutered, heartworm tested, up to date on shots and microchipped. He came to us from a private breeder in Wisconsin along with four of his companions. He was the last of a litter that just didn't sell. He is very timid and will take considerable time to come around, but I believe he will eventually warm up to people. Brady gets along well with other dogs.

Update: Brady was adopted by his foster mom, because he was basically deemed unadoptable due to his lack of bonding with people. His foster mom did not feel he would ever make a good pet for the typical person and wanted to make a commitment to him to always have a home with her. He will still not come to her for a treat, and she still has to catch him to get him inside from his play yard. He will at least come near her when she is sitting down petting her other dogs, but will stay back aways and approach cautiously. This is in his genes and will not change, but in a couple of years in this loving home, he may develop some trust. The trust is not likely to be generalized to strangers. This boy is more like a fox that has been found in the wild and not socialized with humans during the critical period of his development. He is most fortunate indeed to have his foster mom to take care of him for the rest of his life.