Brittany [ADOPTED JUNE 29] is a black, five or six year old female who is spayed, heartworm tested, up to date on shots and microchipped. She came to us from a private breeder in Wisconsin along with four of her companions. She has a very loving temperament although she is a said to be food aggressive. She appears housetrained but we are evaluating her for both housetraining and food aggression. Her prior owner also said she had been starved in a prior home. She has had puppies in the past and is now blind with a cataract in one eye. She has a skin condition at the moment that we are treating and we just removed a lump from the back of her neck that the vet said was caused by a prior shot of some kind. She is a very nice little girl and is laying at my feet as I type. Brittany is good for grooming and is very likely has an unscupuous show breeder in her not too distant background. Being a show breeder myself, these are the ones that hurt me the most. She is looking for someone to love her forever and take good care of her.

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