Buddy [ADOPTED JULY 21] is a one year old, red Cocker who is neutered, heartworm tested and up to date on his shots. He is very puppy like in his behavior, loves to play for long periods of time with puppy toys and balls. He has a natural tail giving him a minature Irish Setter look, although he is a purebred. He is thin and not real interested in food. He is fine with other dogs if there is no food or toys to compete for but will challenge other dogs for treasures. He has a very sweet temperament with people. He is crate trained and working on being completely housetrained. He will do some submissive wetting if he is frightened. He enjoys playing outside. He sticks his tongue out sometimes due to a considerable underbite, but this will not cause him any serious harm. He is a nice boy over all and would appear to be barely a year old.