Callie [ADOPTED JUNE 19] is an 10 month old, tri colored female who is spayed, heartworm tested and up to date on her shots. She came from a private party because she was too much puppy. She is very active but sweet. She enjoys other dogs but wants to play with them all the time. Many dogs find this annoying. She needs room to run as she kicks up her heels like a baby lamb in the spring time. She is doing well on housetraining and is crate trained. She is field coated so will not require a lot of grooming. She is still very much into the chewing stage and will need very close supervision to make sure she does not chew up something she shouldn't. Obedience training for her will be required of her new adopter. She would benefit from the companionship of another active dog or a very active family. She is not a lay around, mellow dog that can become a part of the landscape. She is a let's play puppy, let's go for a walk puppy, let's go again, I am not tired puppy.