Cocoa [ADOPTED MAY 25] is a six year old (although seems much younger), chocolate female who is spayed, heartworm tested and up to date on her shots. She came to us from a private breeder in Wisconsin along with four of her companions. She has a very loving temperament. She is crate trained and we are working on housetraining. She has had puppies in the past and is now blind (from a cataract) in one eye. She is a very nice little girl, is good for grooming and very likely has an unscupulous show breeder in her not too distant peidgree. Being a show breeder myself, these are the ones that hurt me the most. She was very likely sold by the breeder due to a history of cataracts in the line. Then of course, unknown to the new owner, the dog is bred to perpetuate the problem. She is looking for someone to love her forever and take good care of her.