Corky [ADOPTED DECEMBER 21] is a sad, 11 year old, black female whose mistress recently surrendered to us telling us that the dog belonged to her father who had recently died. Further checking told us the dog was her own and had a wealth of problems including that she is deaf and afraid to be picked up by strangers. She is having some problems with housetraining. She also has cataracts in both eyes although she can see. She has a history of seizures. Everything she knew and loved is gone and she is so terribly sad. This is a pretty poor fate for such a loyal companion. I hope the woman is better cared for by her own family when she is old and needs care.

We would not have taken Corky had we not been told she was younger, healthier and had a good temperament. We are being realistic about our ability to find a family who will be interested in providing care for her. We are taking it a day at a time for now.