Dexter [ADOPTED MARCH 3] is a three year old, silver buff male who is neutered, heartworm tested and up to date on his shots. He is very friendly and came to us from a private party because she is no longer able to care for him after a recent car accident in which she was injured. Dexter is beautiful but has a significant weight problem which needs to be corrected right away. He was the perfect weight (23.5 lbs.) for his size 10 months ago, and has been on free feed since then. He has gained almost 12 pounds and now weighs 35 lbs. Dexter will need a home with a family that will carefully monitor his weight and feed him a premium light food for the rest of his life. He is a show bred dog with a heavy coat and will require professional grooming every six to eight weeks or his coat will be totally out of control. He is really a very nice dog.