Harley [ADOPTED APRIL 16] is a black/tan, 8 month old female. She is a showy Cocker who is as sweet as she can be and full of spunk, but not hyper. She is spayed, heartworm tested, current on shots and microchipped. She is doing very well on housetraining although does some submissive wetting when excited. She gets along well with other dogs. Harley is a very social dog and easy to handle. I have her sleep in a crate at night and I also feed her in the crate. She is barky only if she feels she has been in the crate too long. I don't feel she is barky otherwise. We have doggy doors here so she flits in and out at will. Thus we have had no accidents. She can be an excitable wetter and since her crate is near the door I get her out as quickly as possible when I get her out of her crate in the morning. I don't let her run around the house first as she can play games with me and thats when we have excitable wetting occur. Right now she is being treated for an eye infection which has caused a gland in the corner of her eye to swell. We are hoping that antibiotics will take care of it but if it does not, she may need to have the gland removed or tacked under the eyelid.