Preacher [ADOPTED JANUARY 10] is a nine month old, black, male puppy who is neutered, heartworm tested, microchipped and current on shots. He came to us as a private surrender due to the fact that the father was a minister who needed to be away from home a lot. He did not feel it was fair to Preacher or his brother, Bishop (recently adopted), to be boarded so much of the time. Preacher is a very good natured puppy who gets along well with other dogs and loves to play. He is a puppy however, so also enjoys chewing. He loves nylabones, gummy bones and hard rubber balls. He likes, but is not good with, soft plushy toys and vinyl or latex toys. It will be important for him to always have the appropriate chew things so he leaves things like your pens and pencils alone. Preacher is housetrained and crate trained and will go in his crate if you say, go to your bed. He also loves to chase birds and caught one at our bird feeder, so now I make noise before I let him out in the play yard. He loves people but will whine in his crate if left in there when people are visible to him. His photo doesn't do him justice. Who ever gets him, will get a very good boy.