Rusty, a one year old, buff male came to the rescue from as a private surrender. The family had 3 pre-school children and felt he was too much to manage along with their children. It was apparent from the start that Rusty was very active and would need a home that could accommodate his exuberant nature.

Update from his forever family.

I just want to say that Rusty is the cutest and one of the most loveable dogs I have ever had. So far, we had had no problem with him going potty in the house and him and Cessena are getting along just great. They love playing in the backyard. I swear they could just chase each other forever. We couldn't have found a better playmate for her. And let me tell you when Rusty wants to, he can hold his own with her. We had a little bit of a bought with his nipping but he is getting better. Cessena used to do the same thing but we just kept saying "no bite" when she would start and now she doesn't do it anymore. Everything takes awhile when they are young. Rusty is having no problem with his new home. The first night he hopped right up onto our bed and snuggled right up behind my legs. And then you have Cessena who has to find her spot too. Luckily we have a king sized bed or I think we would have to sleep on the floor. HA! HA! Oh ya can't forget the cat in there too. I'm going to hopefully be getting my brother's digital camera here one of thee days and will email you a picture of our family. Oh, Rusty just came and wanted to jump on the chair. I told him I was emailing you and he said to say Hi. He is such a sweetheart. Well I hope this finds everything satisfactory. We just love him. Oh ya and he has no problem eating either. The hardest thing for both of them is eating out of their own bowls. Rusty just can't make up his mind. I think he wants both of them. And Cessena is so laid back that she just stands there till he is done deciding and then eats out of whatever bowl is left. It's really cute to watch. Well if you have any questions please let me know. Thank you very much!!!