Sam I Am

Sam I Am [ADOPTED DECEMBER 1] is a four year old, buff male Cocker who is neutered, heartworm tested and up to date on his shots. He came to us from a private party who was moving into assisted living. Sam has some skin problems and did experience two minor seizures after neutering but had no history of seizures prior to that. Sam is a Champion sired dog and will need frequent grooming for his heavy coat. He is very good for grooming. He also has some vision loss but gets around fine. Sam I Am has a wonderful temperament to make up for any shortcomings he has. He was dearly loved by his master and Sam neither ate nor drank for a considerable period upon being surrendered as he mourned so deeply for his master. Sam has come around now and is loving, happy and playful again. He needs a loyal family that he can live with and love forever.