Buddy [ADOPTED AUGUST 23] is a two year old, red/white male who was taken to a shelter when his owner's job was relocated. He knows some basic obedience commands and does well with children and other animals. He is housetrained but is a submissive wetter. We are working on increasing his confidence in order to eliminate this problem. He loves to play with either humans or other dogs so would do best in an active environment. He can become fearful in some situations so we are not recommending a home with small children.

Update: Buddy was placed today in his forever home. He has a fenced in yard to play in and three neighborhood dogs to play with. His new parents were delighted to get him and had the camera all ready.

Update from Buddy's New Family: "In August we adopted Buddy from your rescue. It was the best thing we ever did! We couldn't be happier. He has made himself right at home here in Rochester. He loves his yard and stands by the back door several times a day to be let out to chase squirrels, bunnies, or just to check to see if the neighbor dogs are outside. He loves (well, likes) being groomed and smiles if you tell him he's pretty. Recently, we started him on obedence training, not because he has a lot of bad habits, but because we'd like to start taking him to nursing homes and the Ronald McDonald House for their patients. He gets along very well with adults and children. He even lets our 2 year old neice rest her head on him while she watches TV. We thought we'd give it a try and see how he does. We want to thank your group for giving him to us in such good shape. We could tell he was well taken care of and loved. He's a great dog!"