Buster [ADOPTED AUGUST 23] is a three year old, black/tan Cocker. He was surrendered because he was always the man who came to dinner. Buster likes to dig in the garbage and steal food from the table. It appears that he got very creative and even learned to open cabinet doors. He is good with children but has never been around toddlers. He is a very sweet, quiet boy who is crate trained. We are evaluating him as far as housetraining.

Update from Buster's Foster Family: Buster is a wonderful dog. He seems to be housetrained, as he has had no accidents. He walks well on a leash. He is content to lay in one of the dog beds and doesn’t try to get up on the couch. He gets along great with our 2 female Cockers. He knows how to shake, sit and lay down and is very trustworthy around the house. He usually will just lay down wherever you are.

Buster does like to beg for food. He is very willing to help with all kitchen duties. Although this was the reason for his surrender we have not found it to be a problem. As a matter of fact, one of our own dogs is worse than he is in this aspect. We would suggest coming up with some ritual for him during meals if the begging is a problem. Buster also itches a lot. We are looking into fixing this for him so he can be more comfortable. So far we have changed his dog food.

Buster was placed today in his forever home. He has a fenced in yard to play in and three cats to keep him company while his new parents are working as vet techs at the UM Veterinary Hospital and Clinics.