Cinder [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 8] is an 8 year old, black female. She is a retired show champion. She is crate trained and is working on housetraining. She is good for grooming and is very sweet. She is spayed, but we will need to see the canine ophthamalogist as she is nearly blind in both eyes but gets around well in spite of it. Hopefully she will be able to see again.

Update: Cinder saw a veterinarian who determined she has Pannus, a desease of the eye in which there is cell growth over the cornea, which acts like mud on the windshield of a car. She is on a steroid ointment right now, which helps the cells migrate to the outer eye, leaving an area for her to see through. Her vision has improved considerably on this ointment. She will need this the rest of her life -- it is not expensive. Blood work also determined that she has low thyroid function and she will therefore need to take medication for that for the rest of her life as well. This is also very inexpensive. Right now she is being treated for dry eye, which requires additional medication which costs 20 dollars per half ounce. We are hoping she does not require this one once she is doing better, but we do not know as of yet. She has a lot of strikes against her, and we know that she may never get a home of her own, but we are going to do what we can for her.