Ellie Mae031

Ellie Mae [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 9] came to us from Indiana. Her future was very dim. The shelter found her in their night drop off. Her owner did not care enough to even leave a note. The shelter felt that Ellie might not be adoptable. She has cataracts in both eyes and an assumption was made that she was an older dog who was blind. Shorewood Cocker Rescue felt that this little dog (she only weighs 17 pounds) deserved a better end than a drop off box. Much to our surprise Ellie turned out to be approximately 5 years old and does have some vision. She proves this when without out hesitation she jumps on your lap. Her tail is undocked but it is hard to see because it wags at such a rapid rate. She is one of the happiest dogs I have seen. She does not let her handicap slow her down in the least. She is crate trained and we are evaluating her housetraining. She is scheduled to be spayed and will also be visiting the ophthalmologist to evaluate her eyes.

Update: Ellie Mae visited the ophthalmologist and it was good news. As we already knew the little girl can see. It turns out that her cataracts are mature and will not get any larger. At this stage they do start to dissolve somewhat. Ellie will need drops every other day to help with this process. The cost of these drops is minimal. She will have to see a vet several times a year to be sure that there is no chance of glaucoma. If this should happen she would be put on preventative drops.