Goldie [ADOPTED DECEMBER 25 BY HER FOSTER FAMILY] is a 5 year old, buff female who has had a rough time. She came into a shelter in Indiana where she and two other Cockers were picked up as strays last June. One Cocker died at the shelter of heat exhaustion. All three were in heavily matted coats, but Goldie (aka Goldilocks) was probably the worst. Goldie also had what appeared to be a very recent and painful eye injury. We wondered if she may have been kicked in the head by a cow. She has since been treated for the eye injury, (but is blind in that eye) and for a chronic double ear infection. Goldie took months and months of obedience training to learn to have confidence in people. The incredible pain she had in her eye and ears coupled with a year or more of no grooming made her difficult to handle and groom when she came in. She made several gestures of snapping during the first month but never really bit anyone. She is microchipped, spayed and current on her shots. She is an active dog who will need supervision in the house. She is crate trained and doing very well with her housetraining. She will be available to a "doggie" home, without children.

Update: Goldie is now housebroken. She is becoming comfortable with people handling her head although she still needs to accept grooming without a struggle. She has come so far that I am sure it will happen. Goldie has a great personality and is really loving toward people she respects.