Jack [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 29] is a 7 year old, buff/white male who is up to date on his shots. He came from a shelter in Minnesota. Jack likes to be around people and other dogs. He would do best in a home with another dog and a fenced yard. He may be hard of hearing; we are still evaluating him for this. He loves raw hide bones and going for walks.

Update from Jack's foster family: Jack is doing very well. He gets along great with our two Cockers and any dog he meets up with at the dog park. He loves to run the perimeter of the yard and lay and rub his back in the grass. He is both crate trained and housetrained and loves laying or sleeping in his dog bed. He has had reoccurring ear infections, so he will require an owner who doesn't mind frequent ear cleanings. It hasn't been a problem since Jack is very patient (if not a little wiggly) when we clean his ears. Both ears have improved substantially over the last few weeks. We also changed his food to a raw diet to help with this issue. We have not noticed any hearing problems as he comes when called and enjoys letting me know if he hears any noises outside of the house. He is a very sweet boy.

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