Jazzmin [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 2] is a 5 year old, chocolate/tan female who was surrendered because of her habit of eating small metal objects such as earrings. She has not done this since she has been in rescue but she has only been with us a short time. We have changed her diet. Shorewood Cocker Rescue places great emphasis on the diet of our dogs. All our dogs are either fed a raw diet or super premium dog food. Possibly Jazzmin's previous diet did not satisfy her needs. She is a friendly dog who gets along well with other dogs and some cats. I would not recommend her to a home with cats because in some cases she chooses to chase them. She is housetrained and crate trained but will do some barking when first put in her crate. When coming to a new home she is hyper for about the first day and then she settles down. She does want to be with her human and will whine if she knows you are close by and have not let her join you.