Joey [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 14] is a black/white, retired show champion who is 4 years old. He is now neutered, microchipped, heartworm tested and updated on his shots. He is crate trained but not yet housebroken. He is somewhat deaf, hearing only loud, harsh noises. He is a timid dog who needs to develop some trust in new people before he is comfortable with them. He is not aggressive and is very good for grooming. He is very puppylike and loves to play. He is a small dog who will need to go to a family who has had a show Cocker before who knows how to take care of his coat and keep his ears clean. He is a beautiful dog.

Update from Joey's Foster Mom: "Yippee! Joey is now housebroken! He gets along well with other dogs, cats, and even ferrets. He likes children and gets along well with adults. He heels nicely at your side while you are walking and doesn't pull or tug at the leash. Joey doesn't jump onto furniture and sleeps nicely in his crate at night. He is very calm and hardly timid at all anymore."

Update from Joey's New Family: "He got his first bath in his new home today. He was real good for it. I think he is adjusting pretty well to us and to Oliver. Ollie is, however, still not sure he likes that brat!!! Actually they are both pretty mellow about it. There have been no fights and no snapping and they have been sharing a kennel at night. I actually think his hearing may be improving. It sure seems like he is reacting to his name and noises. I think he will fit in here very nicely." (Photo below is Joey with his new brother Ollie)

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