Max [ADOPTED OCTOBER 26] is a 1-2 year old, black male who came to us from a veterinary hospital. He must have been wandering the fields for quite some time because he was extremely thin and his coat was totally matted. In an effort to remove the mats one of the workers accidentally cut off a small piece of Max's ear. Because of this accident, Max has become fearful of strangers who try to touch him around the head. Even after all that, Max was excellent for grooming as soon as he realized no one would hurt him. Max is extremely intelligent and willing. He picked up obedience commands immediately. Because of the bad experience with his ear we do not recommend Max for novice dog owners. He would do best with someone who uses positive reinforcement training. He is not a dog that can be bullied into anything. If you are a person who likes to work with a dog, this is the dog for you. He catches on so fast that he will keep you busy finding new challenges for him. Max is cratetrained and housebroken.