Paige [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 24] is a 5-6 year old, buff female with an outstanding temperament. She came to us from an Illinois shelter. Paige has allergies which probably have gone untreated for awhile. Her ears show signs of having ear infections but they are clear now. She is quite itchy and does have quite a bit of secretion from her eyes. We have started her on a diet that eliminates all cereal grains and have noticed significant improvement. We chose this particular food because it is readily available and is modestly priced. We are also using an antihistamine in case the allergies are seasonal. It will take a minimum of a month to determine whether this will completely solve the problem. If not, Paige should be put on a raw diet. Paige is a very nice little dog and deserves a home that will go the extra mile to be sure her allergies are treated. She is housebroken and is good with other animals.