Paris [ADOPTED MAY 24] is a young, field coated, black/white female Cocker mix with a great temperament. She came to us from a shelter in Wisconsin and we think she may be a Cocker/Border Collie mix. She gets along well with most other dogs and is crate trained. We are evaluating her for housetraining trustworthiness at this time and she is doing very well. She will sit for a treat, but is a very active dog, no couch potato here. She will need room to run, either a fenced yard or at minimum a large area where she will be able to run and play regularly. More info as we get to know her.

Update from Paris’ New Family: “One month ago today we welcomed Paris into our home. She has settled in nicely. Paris is a high energy girl but now that she knows she is here to stay she has calmed down. We are still working on her manners and give her lots of love and exercise. We can not thank Shorewood enough. I have recommend this group to others looking for a new dog. a special thanks to Paris's foster mom who also brought her to us.”