Princess [ADOPTED JULY 27] is a 2-3 year old, black/tan female who was abandoned at a shelter. She was tied to the fence with a note "My name is Princess" She certainly is a Princess. She is a dainty little girl who does have a bit of a tom-boy streak. She will play ball all day long if you are willing. She can be a bit barky and squealy for the few first minutes when meeting a new person. After that they are her friend forever as long as they will throw that ball. Princess is crate trained and housebroken.

Update: Princess is no dummy. She went along for the ride on the placement visit for her new sister Nutmeg and just captivated Nutmeg's new family with her cute fun loving personality. Before the Shorewood volunteers left, Princess had managed to make this a multiple dog adoption. She knew a terrific home when she saw one. I don't know if she will stop to smell the roses. She will be too busy playing ball...

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