Sara [ADOPTED APRIL 19] is a 6 year old black female. She is a retired show champion. She is working on crate training and housetraining. She is good for grooming and is very sweet. She is spayed, but we will need to see the canine ophthalmologist due to cataracts in both eyes. She is blind but gets around well in spite of it. Hopefully she will be able to see again.

Update: Miracles do happen. Sara has been blind for years, but following cataract surgery, she is blind no more. She deserves the very best home with a loving patient family. We can't wait for her to have a family of her own.

Update from Sara's New Family: "Hi, just thought I'd let you know how Sara's first week has gone. Sunday, she got a new collar & name tag. Tuesday, she went to my groomer -- my groomer felt it best we just start over on her coat, so now she is slick, but still sweet & cuddly. She follows me everywhere. The other night I went out and my husband said she sat by the front door and watched for me! She got a real surprise when I returned via the back door! Hope she won't be too upset when I go back to work (sigh) next week. She actually played with a tennis ball (batted it about with her feet) and picked up a rawhide and carried it to her bed. She is very fond of the cuddle bed here, but last night she slipped into bed with me! Housebreaking is so-so. I saw a poster that said "My dog is not spoiled, I'm just well trained." I think that's it in a nutshell. I take her out regularly and give her lots of praise, and she's doing pretty well, but I don't think she's quite ready to handle it on her own yet. It took Benji a while to get it all together too. Now he will come to me and insist I get down and let him out if he really has to go. She'll get it too.

Thursday we went to the vet. Her eyes look good and my vet has no problem getting more of her medicine -- he says that one of his dog takes the same drops... Everyone at the vet thought she was really a good girl and surprisingly friendly -- not as shy as I thought she'd be... Everyday she gets bouncier outside and she loves her walks -- the girl has places to go, I guess!

Benji is adjusting, but still is a bit suspicious of her. He was not pleased when she picked up the rawhide and when she put it down, he relocated it to his bed! They are adjusting and keep telling him that in time they will be best buddies. No violence -- he has growled at her a few time (especially day 1) but she pretty much ignores him."