Scooby [ADOPTED DECEMBER 19] is a 5 year old male. He's from a commercial breeding facility and is very shy and timid. He has come out of his shell quite a bit since being in foster care, but does have quite a ways to go. Scooby is making leaps and bounds as far as his housebreaking goes, and he is crate trained. He currently eats in his crate and is only kept in the crate when his foster family is not at home. At night he likes to sleep on the human bed. Scooby gets along well with other dogs and cats.

Scooby is still skittish around strangers and while he will not bark or growl when he's scared, he will attempt to go hide. We are trying to take care of this by picking him up and holding him a lot. He really likes to cuddle and will sit in my lap and stare at the tv. Scooby seems to be a lot more scared of adults than children.

Scooby needs to work on trust in humans as he will not usually take a treat from someone's hand. He does heel nicely on a lead and runs with his foster mom three times per week. He's really catching on to that. While Scooby does need to work on a few things, seeing his eyes light up when his foster mom walks into a room, or when he sees a rawhide makes it all worthwhile. He is so sweet and such a good boy!