Abby [ADOPTED APRIL 2] is a 7-8 year old. buff female who is very lucky to be alive. She is either deaf or very hard of hearing. She was picked up in a police raid on a dog fighting ring. It is more than likely that she was destined to be used for bait. The dog fighters use an older weaker dog so that the fighting dogs can win their first fight. Most times they tape the dogs mouth shut so that it doesn't have any chance of defending itself. Abby is extremely thin but her blood panel tells us that she is healthy. She is housebroken and is just looking to be loved. Our vet believes that Abby may be older than the age the shelter reported. She may be as old as ten. She is doing quite well in her foster home and has gained some weight.

Update & Photos from Abbey Road's New Family: "We adopted Abby031 -my son renamed her Abbey Road (he likes the Beatles). She is a sweetheart! My biggest fear was my other Cocker, Shelby, not getting along with her after being "top dog" for 8 years. But they are doing great! (Shelby didn't even mind when Abbey slept in her dog bed one day!) Abbey got checked out at the vet today, got some drops for one ear, got her Leptospirosis vaccine, and her heartworm pills. She prefers to sleep on the beanbag chair or my son's bed. He adores her. She is getting lots and lots of hugs. She also loves going for walks and I think my Shelby will lose a few pounds keeping up with her (which she needs to do). Thanks to Elaine, Tom and Nancy and all others at SCR for taking care of Abbey until she found her forever home."