Bella [ADOPTED OCTOBER 30] is a one year old tri-color female who was surrendered to rescue because of allergies. Bella was given to a family as a housewarming gift. After a few days, there was no doubt that Bella had to find a new home. One of the members of her new family is highly allergic. This was not an easy decision for this family as they were already becoming quite attached to Bella. She is housetrained but does need some work on obedience. She is quite the counter surfer and we do not believe there is a baby gate in existence that will contain her. She will just climb over the tallest gates. She definetly wants to be with her humans. She is at the stage where she might chew so she will require a crate when she cannot be supervised. We do not recommend her for a home with young children because she becomes over stimulated with rough play. Bella is field coated but will still need to be brushed frequently because her hair is very fine.