Belle [ADOPTED MAY 23] is a 3 year old tri-color female who was surrendered because her family was moving. She is a very sweet girl but is timid when she first meets you. After 24 hours she is your buddy. Belle is a submissive wetter but once she is secure, that is no longer an issue. The surrendering family reported that although Belle was housetrained during the day she had accidents at night. She was not crate trained. We are now crating her at night and she is no longer having accidents. She will howl for a few minutes when you crate her but each day she does better on that. Belle has an outstanding temperament and does well with other animals. She likes to play and loves to be loved. She is now shaved down but when her coat grows in, she will be a show coated dog so will need a lot of grooming. Belle was well taken care of and is a very happy girl.