Boyd [ADOPTED AUGUST 2] is a 9 year old red male. He is as sweet as pie and as loving as loving can be. Boyd is crate trained and housetrained. He is current on all vaccinations, neutered and heartworm negative. Boyd gets along with all people, dogs, and cats. He loves the cats in his foster home and can often be found giving them kisses. They love Boyd and walk right up to him and rub their heads under his chin. Boyd loves children and is so wonderful with them. He is very easygoing and doesn't mind them at all. At a recent dog event Boyd acted very fatherly towards the other dogs, and was often found washing their faces for them. This is just a sample of how loving and caring Boyd is.

Boyd knows how to sit and doesn't jump onto furniture. He tries to sleep in the cat bed! Silly guy! Boyd does suffer from a medical condition called "dry eye," which means he needs drops daily to help his eyes to be able to create tears. He is so good for the drops. The drops are not very expensive. Please don't overlook Boyd because he needs eye drops and is older. He is a wonderful, wonderful dog who will bring much love and happiness to your home. He loves to be outdoors and is good on his leash. He likes to start out at a light jog for the beginning of the walk just to get his pent up energy from the day out! He is a total love bug! Everyone in rescue who has met him wants to have him at their house to foster!