Casey [ADOPTED OCTOBER 10] is a ten year old, buff Cocker who is doing very well with her foster family and their two Cockers. She weighs in at a petite 21 lbs. despite being a normal height Cocker. She loves people, loves attention, is housetrained, never barks, and puts her paws up on the edge of the bed and pleads with those sweet brown eyes to share your bed for the night. But, with a "No, Casey, go to your puppy bed", she quits pleading and goes to her own bed. Of course, most of the time she manages to finesse her way into her human's bed. We are dealing successfully with some skin allergies with diet and occasional medication. Casey has so much love to give some special owner and would be a great addition to the right home. We do not recommend her to a family with small children because at the age of ten it wouldn't be fair to her.