Daisy [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 1] is a 4 year old tri-color female who was rescued from the nightmare of a puppy mill. Daisy developed a uterine infection which would have required her to be spayed. She therefore was of no further value to them. Her only option was death. She was picked up by an all breed rescue in Missouri and turned over to Cocker Rescue. Now for the first time in her young life she was allowed to run free after spending her entire life in a wire cage. She is fearful of new things so will need a family that will be patient with her. Daisy is doing well on housetraining as long as she gets out often enough. We do not recommend her for a family with young children because she may be fearful of them. Daisy has a long life ahead of her and now will get the love that was denied her those first four years.

Update from Daisy's forever family: Daisy has a new name as well as a new home. Her name is now Jaycelyn (Jayce for short). Besides being absolutely gorgeous, she's such a loving and sweet girl. She is so anxious to please! We sincerely Thank Everyone who played a role in getting her out of that horrid place and into our home. She is very much loved here and is livng the type of life that she should have always known. She is a very happy girl now. Thank You... Thank You.. Thank You!!!