Dandy [ADOPTED DECEMBER 12] is a black Cocker who is approximately 2 years old. Dandy is of show quality and has an excellent coat. He is a very striking dog who has wonderful conformation and carriage. He prances around a yard with his head and tail held high as if he were in a show ring. We suspect that someone had him in training for the show ring before he ended up a stray on the streets of Chicago. He can be "stacked" or stood and posed as if on a table in a show ring. He is very smart!! He is current on all of his vaccinations and will soon be neutered. He would prefer to be the top dog in the home due to his "show attitude". He will need a refresher course in housetraining as he did spend some time in a shelter, but should be up to speed quickly. He loves to spend time with his family and is excellent for grooming. He is show coated, so will need professional grooming every 6-8 weeks. The only fault we can find on Dandy is that his tail is a bit short for the show ring. Otherwise, this boy was meant for the ring. He has "it" as the show people say. He is a wonderful boy and everyone who meets him falls in love. He is looking for a home who will care for him and appreciate his special nature and talents.