Freckles [ADOPTED JANUARY 18] is a very mellow 5 year old buff/white male from a commercial breeder. He is good with kids, but somewhat skittish when meeting new adults. He loves rawhide and looks into the toy box but has yet to pick up a plush toy. He is working on his housetraining, and is very good in the crate. Freckles gets along very well with other dogs and cats. We would be somewhat hesistant to offer Freckles to a home with larger dogs as he is scared of large breed dogs. Freckles' ears have a tendency to be somewhat waxy, so whomever adopts him will need to be very diligent about cleaning them weekly or twice weekly. Freckles loves his crate and will just walk right into it when he's hungry or tired. For this reason we will ask that his forever home have a crate for him. He doesn't need the door closed, but he feels safe in there. Freckles is an adorable dog that would benefit from a more mellow home. He's a very calm dog with a wonderful personality. His foster mother loves him dearly and will be sad to see him leave.

Update from Freckles' New Family: "Thought you might be curious about how Freckles is doing after his fifth week here. He is about 90% good on his housetraining. He may have one accident a week or so. I think he is doing pretty good. He follows me from room to room and waits at the door if I go out for a minute. He goes into his crate very seldom... He is really a very gentle guy. He has come out of his shell a little bit and just has to learn that he can trust us. We had a Beagle sleep over with us last weekend and they got along great. He gets along with other animals very well. I am sure when the nicer weather gets here he will enjoy being out in the yard with us."