Poor little Henry [ADOPTED MAY 2]. He only has one eye and that one has limited vision but what a sweetheart he is. His limited sight does not slow him down a bit. He loves everyone and his whole body wiggles when he sees you. We have had Henry evaluated by an ophthalmologist and it was determined that he was probably hit by a car several years ago. The injury to his eye is an old one and he should retain the sight he now has. Henry is 6 years old. More information as we get to know him.

Update from Henry's Foster Family: Henry is such a sweet boy! He loves everyone and is so happy to just sit on the sofa and hang out. He is also playing with our 5 month old Cocker puppy (Patches 041) Poor Henry puts up with a lot of puppy energy but he hangs in there and does quite well even though he doesn't see all that well. Henry sleeps in the bed with us every night and is a great sleeper! He just snuggles in gives a few kisses and then is fast asleep. He's great in the tub and has let me comb out all the mats in his fur without so much as a whimper. He's cute as a button! Don't let his one eye discourage you from considering adopting Henry. Once he learns the house he's good to go! He will chase a ball, play with toys, and loves a raw hide! If you give Henry a chance he will make an absolutely wonderful addition to your family!