Kody with a "K" [ADOPTED MAY 15] is a very sweet, 10 month old male. He is housetrained, crate trained, and gets along well with other dogs and cats. Kody loves to play with plush toys and chew on rawhides. He has learned how to get his tail to wag and now there is no stopping it!! We haven't heard him bark since he's been in rescue. Kody is somewhat apprehensive of new people and new situations, but warms up pretty quickly. Kody is learning to trust and love people! Kody does well with children.

Kody's foster mom feels that the best family for Kody will have had a Cocker before and hopefully would have some experience with shy dogs. Kody has come out of his shell quite a bit, but still has room to improve. Kody plays very well with the other Cocker in his foster home and hopes that his forever family has another young dog living there who likes to play. Kody prefers to sleep with his humans and will voice that opinion if the humans don't agree. Kody does well with cats. Kody is a wonderful dog who deserves a home with all of the love that he deserves. His foster mom loves him to bits and pieces!!