Lady [ADOPTED JULY 29] is a five year old female who was surrendered by her family. Lady is a very sweet girl but during the five years she lived in this home, she had bonded strongly with her family. She would bark aggressively at strangers if they came into the house. The eight year old child was not able to have friends come to the house because Lady would bark at them. She does not appear to have a mean bone in her body but does bond very easily with her caretakers. She want to be with you if at all possible. Be prepared to have her in your bedroom at night because she will have it no other way. Lady is on thyroid meds but they are very reasonable. She obviously has had a history of ear infections because she has had surgery on her ears. At this point her ears look good. I think part of Ladys' problem was diet. SCR feeds all of our Cockers either a raw diet or super premium dog food. None of our dogs eat food which contains wheat, corn or soy. These ingredients are many times the cause of allergies which result in ear infections.