Lucky [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 7] a 4 year old black Cocker who came to us from a shelter in Wisconsin. He failed their temperament test and Shorewood Cocker Rescue was his only option. He would scream and whirl around when certain parts of his body were touched. He also was said to be protective of his food. He was surrendered by his owner because he reportedly snapped at a 7 month old child. Lucky had been owned by this family for 4 years.

It was a difficult decision as to whether we should take Lucky. His behavior certainly would have prevented him from being adoptable. We decided to give him a chance, without a doubt his only chance. Lucky seemed to desire human companionship but he had a strange way of showing it. It was obvious that Lucky hadn't been groomed for several months. We took him to our groomer and it was quite an event. He screamed through the whole thing. Whatever was bothering Lucky, was left on the floor at the groomer. Many times dogs get tiny knots close to the skin which are extremely painful. That must have been the case with Lucky. He is now the most loving wiggle butt you will find anywhere. All he wants is to be loved. Those eyes just say pet me more. Because of the reported protection of food, we will not adopt Lucky to families with small children.

Update from Lucky's Foster Family: Lucky has adjusted well to his foster home. He gets along with the other dogs in the house. He is very affectionate and likes lots of attention from his foster parents. He is a little skittish though of new people, and will cry/whimper some when they pet him. Lucky also acts the same way when his paws are being touched, but is getting more used to them being handled. He is crate trained and housetrained as well.