Mickey [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 7] is a 5 year old buff male who was surrendered by his family for house breaking accidents and chewing on the baby's toys. In addition, one of the family members does not like dogs and is very uncomfortable around them. He is a very friendly happy dog who likes to be with people. Upon examining his vet records we find that Mickey had one or two seizures three years ago. There were no records for the past three years so we do not know if the problem is ongoing. He is not on seizure medication. We are monitoring him for seizure activity. If it turns out that he needs to be put on seizure meds, they are very inexpensive. Mickey is sensitive about his ears and his paws and for that reason is not good for grooming. His new family will need to work on this.

Update from Mickey's Foster Family: Mickey is doing great so far. He enjoys playing with dog toys and sitting on your lap and cuddling. He knows how to sit and lay down already and we're working on teaching him shake to help him get over being sensitive about his paws. He is doing fine with letting us touch his ears and even clean them, but is not so confident about his paws. He needs some positive reinforcement in that area, but is doing very well so far. Mickey is housetrained and is very good about doing his duty outside. Hes a very affectionate, happy boy who deserves a great home.

Update from Mickey's Forever Family: We fell in love with Mickey when we met him at a Rescue Event and just couldn't get the little guy off our minds. He is such a character and has so much personality. He makes me laugh every day! He is such a happy boy, his tail just wags constantly. He's been with us for over two years now and has never had any housetraining accidents. He does have seizures but they are not frequent enough or severe enough to warrant medications for them at this time. I just get down on the floor and talk to him in a reassuring voice till it ends. He heads for the door as soon as it's over needing to go outside to do his business and is fine as soon as he does. Mick has made so much progress with his grooming issues and over time has even accepted getting his toe nails trimmed. He's just such a wonderful little guy!! I'm so glad that he's such an important part of my life. I'm going to tell you a secret. I saw Mickey's photo and read his bio on the website and just went on to the next. I've owned parti Cockers for many years and have always been drawn to the partis. He just wasn't what I thought I wanted. Going to that event, meeting him and then observing him is what opened my eyes to a non parti Cocker being in my life. It's really all about that dog, gender or color really doesn't mean anything... it's what's on the inside that does. I'm so thankful that I went to that event and that I'm Mickey's forever Mom!