Misty [ADOPTED JULY 3] is a very lucky girl. She was rescued from the nightmare of a Missouri puppymill by a Missouri all breed rescue. Due to the fact that she had pyrometra and could no longer breed she was considered disposable at the age of three. When she came to SCR, in addition to badly needing a dental, she had cataracts in both eyes. Her vision was limited. After a visit to the opthamologist we learned that one of the cataracts was dissolving but the other one should be removed. Since that time Misty has had successful cataract surgery. She is a little shy in new situations but when she gets to know you she is a real lover. She gets along well with other dogs and has some sort of fixation with cats. She will sit and stare at a cat for hours but never would think of hurting one. At 16.5 lbs. she is not much bigger than some cats.

Update: Misty was found to have early stage glaucoma in one eye so the decision was made to remove the eye and insert a prosthesis. Her cataract surgery in the other eye was a success and she is a very happy, healthy dog.