Molly [ADOPTED APRIL 17] is an 18 month old, buff/white female who was found tied to a shelter door. Her shelter evaluation indicated that she has a tendency to play a little rough and for that reason we do not recommend her for a home with small children. She is crate trained and we are evaluating her housetraining. More information will be shared as we get to know her.

Update from Molly's Foster Family: Molly is indeed housetrained and crate trained. She loves to play, retrieve her balls and toys and cuddle up to you on the bed. She tends to be a bit possessive with her food and toys so a home without smaller children and other alpha dogs would be recommended. She has a lot of puppy left in her, so she's very playful, curious, and really a funny dog to watch. We are really enjoying her visit to our home and know that she will make a wonderful pet for the right family. I recently had her groomed in the traditional Cocker style, and low and behold, she has a gorgeous coat. Her back and nose are covered with little brown spots and she has large brown spots on her ears, over one eye and on her rump. The haircut really revealed what a pretty little girl she is. She needs a new picture on the site to do her justice. She's quite the cutie pie now.