Mousse [ADOPTED DECEMBER 31] is a chocolate colored boy with some mismarked tan on him. He is a young dog who was found as a stray on the streets of Chicago. We are guessing his age at just over a year. He is current on his vaccinations and will soon be neutered. His foster home is wondering if he was last year's Christmas present, now discarded. He is crate trained and needs someone who will spend time with him on his housetraining and obedience skills. He will guard his rawhide and toys toward other dogs, but will allow the people in his life to take them from him. He would prefer to be the top dog in the house though or else he needs a home with an established Alpha dog who will keep him in his place. He is young and energetic, so is looking for a family/owner with a fenced yard who will keep him busy and challenge his activity level.