Prince [ADOPTED MARCH 6] is a two year old, brown/tan/white tri-colored Cocker Spaniel with hazel and green colored eyes who is looking for a new home as his owner went into a nursing home. He looks a lot like a small Springer Spaniel. He is a little on the chubby side but we are working on that. He is very calm for a two year old, is very affectionate and loves to sit on your lap and cuddle. He particularly likes to play with balls and carry them around in his mouth. He knows how to sit and shake and comes when called.

Prince is very good with other dogs and in his previous home lived with another dog. It is obvious that he is missing his former companion but he's doing quite well with the two Cockers at his foster home. We would like to have him go to a home where he can cuddle/bond with a doggy friend as he has slight separation anxiety when alone. He is housetrained and crate trained.