Raisin [ADOPTED DECEMBER 31] is a very sweet guy with a wonderful disposition. Just 10 months old, he was born blind. He is currently living in a foster home where his “parents” report that he is crate trained and working on his house training. Raisin quickly became acclimated to his surroundings and gets around the house very easily. He is still working on learning how to go down stairs. He loves his rawhide bones and can entertain himself for hours with one. Raisin does get along well with other dogs. In many respects, he makes up for his lack of sight with his hearing and his sense of smell. As far as grooming, his foster mom and dad have found him to be a bit distrustful of grooming – due to his lack of sight. Since he does shed quite a bit, it is probably better to keep his coat shorter than a normal Cocker cut. He loves to run; a home with a fenced-in yard would be ideal for this active puppy.