Sassy [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 27] is named for her personality and looks. She is a flashy, outgoing, sometimes bossy, fun loving Cocker. She is 2-3 years old and weighs in at under 20 pounds. Sassy is up to date on her shots and will soon be spayed. She has a very unique look as she is black/tan with some roan thrown in. She is marked like a typical B/T, but then has white, roan type, markings on her head, shoulders and rump. (White speckles almost like an appaloosa horse.) Due to the roan in her background, she also has half a blue iris in her right eye. She likes to bark at new dogs when she meets them, but once she gets to know them, she is just fine. She is more interested in her food, than a kitten, so we believe that she would be the same with a cat. Once she becomes friends with another animal, she readily accepts them into her company. She is energetic, so we would strongly suggest a fenced yard to run and play ball in. She also loves a good game of "catch me if you can". Sassy is doing well on her housebreaking and knows what to do as soon as she gets outside. She should have a crate to start off in though as we believe she is one of the culprits behind the shredded toilet paper and paper towels we've been finding. She was wonderful for grooming. As soon as she was placed up on the table, she became submissive and was giving so many kisses that it was hard to keep her still. Sassy is a very sweet dog over all and would enjoy a household with an active lifestyle.