Trixie [ADOPTED OCTOBER 30] is a 6 year old buff female who was turned over to rescue by a commercial breeder. She is an adorable little thing. Trixie is quite overweight due to the fact that she has been locked in a crate most of her life. She is still very timid around humans. She is in one of our foster homes learning to be a dog. She is good with other animals and does not have an aggressive bone in her body. When she is at her proper weight, she will probably weigh under 20 lbs. She is crate trained and is working on housetraining. We are taking applications for Trixie but she will not be placed until she regains her trust in humans.

Update from Trixie's Foster Home 10/1/04: Trixie is coming along very well with her socialization. She is starting to come into the room people are in, and has learned that she likes to sit in the dog bed! If she decides she's had enough she'll go back to her crate, which she loves! Trixie now walks nicely on a lead and trots along next to her master. Trixie does not like sudden movements and loud noises. Trixie is very petite and so everyone must look very huge to her! She is a very sweet girl and is coming along very nicely, she will make a great companion for someone! Trixie is ready for a home of her own now.